Hamburg Local Craft Beer Tour

Hamburg Local Craft Beer Tour

Dauer: 3 Stunden / Schwierigkeit: Einfach

You can’t think of Germany without thinking of healthy helping of frothy
beer. This means that the craft beer scene has smashed into the
traditional German brewing scene, and you really have to try the

On this tour we’ll take you on a beer tasting adventure across Hamburg.
We’ll make sure that you get a great idea of the traditional types of
German beer, and then we’ll make sure to blow you away with the latest
and greatest. Alongside the tastings you’ll have a chance to buy-and-try
a couple of beers for yourself so that you too can (responsibly) become
an expert in the Hamburg beer scene.

Along the way there will be a chance to pick up snacks to fuel the fun,
and we’ll finish somewhere where you can order a little food, but more
importantly stay all night if you want to!

Note: This tour is for guests 18 years old and over. This a beer tasting
tour, not a pub crawl. We reserve the right to eject anybody from the
tour for drunken/inappropriate behaviour.  

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